The tradition continues


With the continued participation of John and Jean Hooton, Gregg and Wendy are carrying forward a proud family tradition, that is attracting an ever-increasing client base year after year.

Consistency, says Gregg, has played a large part in the company's success. 'It's what keeps people coming back. They know they will always get the same quality product and the same knowledgeable service that they did before.'

When they opened Hooton Pools and Spas Gregg and Wendy teamed up with International Pool and Spa Centers, which is noted as the largest pool and spa retailer in Ontario. Their reason for choosing this company was quite simple; 'It's a family-run business just like us. We both have a strong focus on family.' International Pool and Spa Centers is renowned for being industry leaders, offering the leading brand of spas and above ground pools from 14 locations throughout the province.

At Hooton Pools and Spas customers can view an impressive collection of pools and spas, or can order from the catalogue. 'This is just a small sampling of what's available,' Gregg noted while looking over the showroom. 'To keep our prices down we didn't want to have a huge showroom. It's important to us that we order exactly what the customer wants, not sell them something just because it's in the showroom.'

Competitive pricing is another reason why people return to Hooton Pools and Spas.   But it is mostly due to the confidence people have in the product and service that customer referrals are so high. They always know the product they are purchasing will be backed by the business. 'We take pride in the fact that we service what we sell, we do all of our own warranty and service work, set up and installation,' noted Gregg.

Qualified pool and spa specialists are always on hand to help people select a product that fits their particular lifestyle, and to answer questions and concerns about their existing pools and spas. 'My staff is as qualified as Wendy and I, they can answer any questions that customers might have.' To ensure customers get the most out of their product, free water testing is conducted on site.

The business also prides itself with educating customers about proper pool and spa water care so their swimming and soaking seasons are enjoyable and care-free. 'We don't care where you bought your pool or spa, we want to teach you how to properly care for it and we supply the water-care products to help you do that,' said Gregg. One-on-one pool opening and closing tips are also provided and Hooton Pools and Spas carries a wide range of pool and spa products, parts, including pumps, filters and liner replacements, toys and accessories.

(Copy excerpts from and article by Colleen Toms - Expositor Staff Brantford)