Keeping your pool clean is easy






Water Testing! The most important thing we can say on this page. Without testing your water, you are just throwing money away. Purchase a good water test kit or get your water tested for free at Hooton Pools & Spas. The new water test kits are the easiest to use, just dip, swirl and read. Ask in the store for a demonstration.

Aqua Coastal Water Care Products are of the highest quality and perform well in keeping your water swim friendly.


Chlorine has been and still is the most popular sanitizer. It comes in many forms, from liquid to powder, granular and slow release pucks. You can even turn your pool into a salt water pool and generate your own chlorine. 

The only other sanitizer licensed for use in Canada is bromine. Bromine works well and is recommended for hot tubs.

To keep the sanitizer at peak levels, you need to shock your pool or spa regularly. Please ask our staff for the best products for your needs.



Starting with a well balanced pool or spa means less trouble later.

pH up, pH down, Total Alkalinity Booster and Calcium Hardness. All these products are a must to keeping your pool sparkling clear. These products will not need to be used weekly, but you should understand when and if you need them. The friendly knowledgeable staff at Hooton's will gladly help you.



There are many specialty products available to help in keeping your pool or spa water looking and felling good. Algi Free II, Pool Protect All, Spa Protect All, Pool Perfect and Spa Perfect. A small sampling of specialty products we carry to help with swimming enjoyment.


Test Kits, Water friendly liner cleaners, Patio furniture cleaners and clarifiers. Plus many more.