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Hooton's is a comprehensive swimming pool dealer offering the best of Swimming Pool Equipment.   If you're looking for replacement pumps or filters, Automatic Pool cleaners, or maybe you want to simplify maintaining water clarity? We will have it. Also don't forget the solar blanket to keep the pool water warm. You will also need a roller to help with the handling of the solar blanket.


Pool pumpsACC_champion_pump_bar

Swimming Pool Pumps are available in several sizes. Pool Pumps are the heart of your filtration system and combined with the proper filter are the most important piece of equipment for your swimming pool. Pool pumps and filters keep your water clean and clear when used regularly. We have replacement pool pumps in stock for every size in ground pool and above ground pool. We also have complete pump and filter systems for above ground pools

Pool Filters

ACC_above_grnd_filter_barSwimming Pool Filters are an essential part of your swimming pool's operation. The pool filter is what removes the fine particulates from the water and enables you to swim in a clean clear pool. Choosing a new pool filter can be a very confusing task. After all, there are so many different types and sizes and brands of filters and you don't want to make a mistake. See our in store staff for you answers.

Automatic Chlorinators

One of the most time consuming elements of owning a backyard swimming pool, whether it is an above ground pool or an in ground pool, is maintaining the water quality and making sure it is properly sanitized. This process requires time, precision, and consistency. But, you can make the task of pool sanitizing much easier if you take advantage of one of our Automatic Chlorinators or Salt Water Generators.

inline_chlorinatorAn Automatic Chlorinator, also known as an Automatic Chlorine Feeder, will save you time because it automatically delivers a precise amount of chlorine to your pool's water. Use an Automatic Chlorinator on your new or existing pool -- they work automatically with your pump and filter system. Our Chlorinators use slow-dissolve pucks and provide a handy dial control valve that allows you to regulate the rate of feed.


Alternatively, you may choose a Salt Chlorine Generator to help keep your swimming pool clean and free. Salt Chlorine Generators, also known as Salt Water Chlorinators, automatically transform small amount of pool water grade salt into chlorine. Aprx. one teaspoon of salt per gallon of pool water is all that is needed. The salt is used again and again by the system to produce the chlorine that purifies your water, and the salt leaves the pool silky smooth and crystal clear. Salt Chlorine Generators are completely automatic and are ideal for vinyl, or fiberglass swimming pools.


Automatic Cleaners

Don't have a pool boy, the next best thing then would be an Automatic Pool Cleaner. Toss the cleaner in your pool Friday morning on your way to work, and your pool will be clean for a weekend of swimming enjoyment. Come home to a clean pool instead of a chore. ACC_140B

Pool cleaners are not just for large in ground pools, we have cleaners for every size pool including above ground pools. We have 3 basic styles of cleaners. There is the suction side cleaner that plugs into the skimmer and automatically vacuums debris through your pool filter. There is pressure side cleaners that use the return water pressure to operate and contains the debris in their own vacuum bag.

Then aquabot_xpress_vac1there is the self contained vacuum. This cleaner uses none of the pool filtration equipment to vacuum, so the pool filtration is left doing its job, maintaining water clarity and distributing sanitizer, and the pool cleaner is doing its job of vacuuming.

ACC_pool_coverSolar Blankets & Rollers

A Solar Pool Cover is a valued way to maintain warmth in your pool. They are also known as Solar Blankets. The Solar Cover or Blanket help by trapping the heat of the sun in the water by day and by stopping evaporation into the cool nights. Solar Covers float freely on the surface of the water, therefore removing the cover is as simple as pulling it off and storing it. This can become a tough chore if done by yourself. A Solar Pool Cover Roller would enable you to do this job with ease by yourself. The Solar Cover would be used more often if it could be put on and off more easily. It is important that the Pool Cover is completely removed before any swimmers enter the pool. An inexpensive alternative is what we call Solar Fish or Liquid Solar Blanket. It is not as efficient as a proper Cover, but does help in preventing evaporation of your warm water.


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